Yes Section 12 has returned and better than ever. Now in 21st Century full color instead of 1990s Black and White the characters practically jump off the page.

A (not so) Brief History Lesson:

Back in the early 1990s I (Len Mihalovich) embarked on every aspiring comic writer's journey of doing the round robin of collecting rejection letters from Marvel, DC, etc. Thankfully, an editor from Dark Horse Comics actually took the time to give me some pointers instead of the usual pre-printed rejection letter. This editor stated that I should set my sights to smaller companies. I needed to come up with my own original characters and try to get my name out there. This was good advice for somebody just starting out.

Now with renewed enthusiasm, I spent the next year or so writing serialized fiction for fanzines, reviews, and doing odd caption jobs for comic strip artists. It wasn't long that I started in on creating my own superhero team which I called Section 12. I submitted Section 12 to a small number of Indie publishers and it was immediately accepted by Dilemma Productions as a lead feature in their new anthology series Dilemma Presents. The first issue was finished in 1993 and FINALLY was in comic shops in 1994.

The Section 12 story was well received by readers and quickly became the company's best-selling title. The team at Dilemma enjoyed a small amount of that 90's Indie comic success where many people had heard of their comics even if they hadn't found it in stores. We gained the notice of View Askew Productions and were asked to come to New Jersey to be extras in the latest Kevin Smith film Chasing Amy. Times at Dilemma were good. Dilemma Presents ran for 4 issues and then personal lives and other external factors stopped the presses for a while.

Not giving up on Section 12 I shopped it around to other publishers working with my new artist Phil Miller. We made a great team and started the Section 12 adventure again with Mythic Comics out of Canada. In 1997 Mythic published Section 12 #1 with all new artwork. If you pick up "Stan Lee's How To Draw Comics" you can see the first page featured there.

Section 12 #1 was again well received by fans and we were green-lighted for issue #2. Unfortunately, the comic distributor implosion happened and Mythic was one of the many victims of it. We tried to get issue #2 out before the company closed the doors for good but were not successful. One of their last official acts was to return the artwork to me.

I teamed up with Dilemma again to help produce the Independent Universe Collector Card Set. This was an idea we had to combine the work of small indie publishers that couldn't afford to create a card set on their own, but were able to have this by working together. The sets sold out and we produced a series two. Imitation being a very sincere form of flattery Topps later came out with the "Creators Alternative Universe" card set. I don't remember clearly but we may have outsold them.

After that I stepped away from comics for a while. I continued writing, reviewing the indie comics that I loved, and developed my skills in digital art. It was one day my dream to bring back Section 12 in full color.

In 2013 I traveled for my job every week. Every Monday I got on a plane, and flew to the same place to go to work. I saw the same people every week on this early morning flight. There was this one guy. He wore a ridiculous Track Suit and somehow got away with carrying way too many bags on the plane. It was a very small plane so many of the other passengers would have to check their bags because he took up all the overhead space. I grumbled and voiced my dissatisfaction over social media, but one Monday I decided to do something about it. I got to the airport very early, and I never sat down. I stood in line so that I would be guaranteed to board the plane ahead of this man. When the gate agent called to board the plane she first allowed anyone who was disabled to get on first. Track Suit Man started limping up to the gate and got on ahead of me. As soon as he got to the jet way he laughed and started running towards the plane.

I was infuriated, and posted the picture of him running on social media. My friends who were following this got a big laugh out of it and posted some funny comments. Every week it seemed Track Suit Man would do something different to secure his sacred position on the plane. I reported it all to my growing list of followers, and interest in my morning commute swelled. Later one of my friends I had met through Dilemma Productions asked me, why haven't you made this into a comic book. A year later The Adventures of Track Suit Man #1 came out. I created my own company called Lenovations Press, hired some artists to help me and did all the digital and prepress work myself.

After that my comic friends who were previously too busy to make comics wanted to jump back in. Most were asking why couldn't we bring back Section 12. Personally, I always felt Section 12 had so many stories I had written in the 90s that were worthy of being published. I wanted to do that, but I felt that updating them to the modern day took out a lot of the charm. I decided as the publisher I didn't have to. Since I was publishing myself I could set the series in the 1990s as it was meant to be.

I decided to call the series Section 12 (Flashback). It was the original adventures in color, with Phil Miller drawing them as they were meant to be There was still an issue though. I wanted a Section 12 in the 21st century, but still I don't want to just rewrite and refit. I missed cell phones, gps, streaming and all the references that have become part of our everyday lives. I wanted a Section 12 in the 21st century, but still I didn't want to just rewrite and refit.

The solution was to create Section 12 (Declassified) and have a story set in the modern day. The premise of the story is that 22 years later Section 12 has completely disappeared off the face of the Earth. All the scientific innovation, super heroes, villains, the facility, everything is gone without a trace. There are many people on the hunt for this stuff to prove that it exists or cash in on the scientific advancements that were lost. These characters exist in the same timeline but 22 years in the future. It is a different way to expand the Lenovations Press universe.

Recently we decided to expand our universe, bringing in some Golden Age Characters as well as some original non-Section 12 series. Lenovations Press created the Edge of Adventure line of comics. We have a number of titles currently in development. In the summer of 2022 we released the Wild West Adventures of Buffalo Bill #1 which is a fictional storyline that follows Buffalo Bill Cody around the western United States traveling with his own carnival-type show full of oddities and adventure.

Also The Fantastic FanBoys Adventures #1 came out in the fall of 2022. This series focuses on 4 childhood friends who create their own comics. They are both humorous and brutal in their assessments of each other's work. Their discussions might seem very similar to those typical discussions any comic fans might have with each other.

That long-winded history lesson brings us to today.

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