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...after two decades

Section12Comics Section 12 the popular independent comic series from the 1990s has returned after over 20 years of silence.
Before the Conspiracy Theory, before the X-Files, there was the Section 12 comic series. Section 12 is a government run project designed to keep scientific failures from the public eye.

Section 12 (Flashback) - The Original Stories:

Every year millions of dollars are given in scientific grants by governments all over the world. This money is used to further research and the quality of life for mankind as a whole. We celebrate scientific break-throughs and make celebrities out of these top-tier scientists that make our lives better. However for every success story there are hundreds of failures. We never hear about the failed projects and the strange results these experiments produce.

Section 12 of the East Bay research center is really a Government top secret government facility designed to keep scientific failures out of the public eye. The project's unique and somewhat reluctant "Retrieval Team" is comprised of super-powered beings blackmailed to work for the government.

Section 12 (Declassified) - Find out what happened:

In 1994, the top secret US government project Section 12 represented the pinnacle of human science and engineering. The project developed medical procedures, weapons, and other technology decades beyond anything we have today.

Now it's all GONE. People have largely believed the Section 12 project to be a myth. Other "believers" from all over the world have spent years searching for this mythical treasure-trove of technology, but have found nothing. All project records have vanished, the buildings were destroyed, and former personnel are either dead or missing. Join our team of scavengers on a "Treasure hunt for the truth".

Section 12 (Lost Adventures) - Tales We Never Got To Tell:

Dilemma Presents (which feature Section 12) ended after issue #4 but many more stories were written. These were partially produced when Section 12 got its own series in 1997 with Mythic Comics and a new storyline was created. The Lost Adventures represents all those projects we wanted to finish before but never could.

In 1997, the comic industry also made some big changes. These changes made it prohibative for small publishers to continue to produce their comics in this brave new marketplace. As a result many of them went under and your favorite indy titles just disappeared. Section 12 (then published by Mythic Comics) was one of those casualties.

As comic creators we remained determined to tell our stories. Now in the 21st century the atmosphere for getting them to you the reader has never been better.

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