The Return of Section 12? I have questions!

What is Section 12?

Section 12 was a comic series created in the early 90s by writer Len Mihalovich. The story involved a team of people who gain super-powered individuals being forced to help a secret government agency keep scientific failures out of the public eye.

The series was originally part of Dilemma Productions anthology book Dilemma Presents and ran for four issues. In 1997 it was picked up as its own title by publisher Mythic Comics. After printing Section 12 #1 Mythic was forced to shut it's doors due to an economic downturn in comic book sales.

So are these books just reprints?

No, Section 12 #1 was illustrated by artist Phil Miller in 1997 and was published in Black and White. There were no other stories released after that. Sadly quite a few more were written, drawn and ready to go.

These stories with the exception of #1 have never seen print. So they are all new. Let's add to that we now have 21st century technology to enhance them. The comics will be printed in full color and digitally lettered. We've got Phil Miller back and he is redrawing some of the original pages of issue #1 to make the story even better.

Why are you doing three titles?

Short answer, I couldn't decide which project I liked better so I chose all of them.

Section 12 #1 took place in 1994. There are a lot of science and tech references that were cutting edge at the time that are no longer modern. The easy answer would be to try and retro-fit the story into today, rewrite the script/dialog and have it "updated". That would be the "easy way". Instead we decided to expand the Section 12 universe, but not in the conventional sense. The Section 12 titles will take place in different time periods.

  • The Section 12 (Flashback) series represents the original stories from the early 90s, digitally remastered and in full color. These are the stories that we have done and would have told had the title not been cancelled.

  • The Section 12 (Lost Adventures) are the stories we did for Dilemma that never saw print. With Mythic Comics we had a different storyline pitched to them (rather than keep reprinting everything) so when Dilemma Presents ended with issue #4 we had a #5 and #6 done. Lost stories with no title to publish them... thus the Lost Adventures. Actually we also had a mini-series scripted for Section 12 for Dilemma which will appear in Section 12 (Lost Adventures) #3 onward.

  • The Section 12 (DeClassified) series represents bringing the story into the 21st century. It has a new look, a new team and a new storyline with many "easter eggs" for die-hard fans.

  • Where do I start?

    Go back to the early 1990s where it all began. The Section 12 (Flashback) title will tell you all the origins and backstories of our unusual team. This title is all you need to enjoy Section 12.

    After that, jump on to Section 12 (Declassified) for some modern day adventure. After reading Flashback you will truly appreciate all the references and tie-ins.

    If all this had made you into a hard-core fan then by all means try out Section 12 (Lost Adventures). These are stand-alone stories with some of your favorite characters as well as a few team-ups with other small indie publishers (from the 1990s).

    Why didn't you publish this through a larger company like Marvel?

    They had their chance (see below), and honestly we are better off doing it ourselves, telling the stories the way we want to. To do that we will need your help and support. Please support us where you can by buying the comic, helping us spread the word and like us on social media.

    Why do you call it Section 12 and not Section 8, Section 0 or Section 13?

    Section 12 is a top secret project. We wanted something that sounded very ordinary and undercover. Section 8, 0 and 13 all are numbers/terms already in our lives a lot. Three is my lucky number but Section 3 didn't sound as good as Section 12, so I took 1 plus 2 and came up with 12. Please support us where you can by buying the comic, helping us spread the word and like us on social media.